And there but for the Grace of God …

September 7, 2016



And …

There but for the Grace of God go I

With finger tips of blue

I am blessed with children who can see and feel

And paint the skies of blue

I am blessed with smiles of creatures that

Only I can see

And I am blessed with moments of

The smallest memories


And there but with the Grace of God

The Love which fills my heart

I have struggled with life lessons

Perhaps came from the start

Journeys taken long ago

Are mingled in the now

Voices hidden to the rest

Rush forth inside my brow


Paintings swirl and music twirls

As Orchestras begin to play

The harp and violin bring tears

And my body starts to sway

Vibrations fill my being

And I slowly start to spin

With joyous understanding

Of this is how it’s been


I fall upon my knees in bliss

And hold my hands up to the sky

And there but for the Grace of God

Give thanks to the Divine

Oh Blessed Understanding

Oh Gifts I have received


There but for the Grace of God

It took me to Believe.


Jjy mar 8 09   thru spirit  


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