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I've had two extraordinary readings with Jen Young and they were amazingly accurate. 

Jen is so connected to spirit and to the spiritual world and she is so easy to talk to. You feel like you are talkng with your best friend or close relation.

She can identify the energies around you and the different guides who are with you and gives specific information relative to your inquiries.
Compassion should be her middle name , because her voice and how she relates to you as a human comes through  with that every time.

I highly recommend Jen Young as an advisor  and spiritual coach.5 stars.


~ Bryn Durham CFR.,LMT.

Wonderful gifted true medium, exciting to have a reading from, a joy to listen to, she mesmerizes me with her ability to link so deeply, bringing accuracy in all her readings. 

Her voice is that of an angel healer and draws you in.  She often linked to me and brought through loved ones and Jen is always positive and leaves me feeling nurtured and optimistic.

Keep up the good work Jen, you are true and exciting to have a reading from and to listen to too.    


~ Sarah May X

Jen Young is a Gem. Jen is a compassionate, emphatic and humorous psychic medium who receives accurate channeled messages from spirit. 

Her attention to the little details bring forth important evidence that bring great comfort to anyone who is getting a reading.  I will never forget the time she announced she had a man with a Tilley Hat-it was so undeniably my deceased husband.  He never went to the beach without it.

Jen delivers her readings with a light heart.  I usually get off the phone crying and laughing simultaneously. 


~ Amy Cavanaugh

I have nothing but praise for Jen Young.  I have known her for several years, and each and every time I have asked her for direction, she has either steered me to the correct path or given me hope when I felt all hope was gone. 

Jen has been spot on from court cases that she told me we would prevail in (even though I admit it was hard to fathom such an outcome when it appeared that all was lost) to life changing moves that she not only  assured me was the best thing, but even nailed the timeline of the move! 

Her calm, insightful, spirit-filled words have NEVER let me down.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life.


~ Linda Eddings

I have known Jen Young for 7 years now.  I know she is honest, caring and dedicated to the healing energies she works with. Her readings are intuitive, compassionate and accurate. I am honoured to have met and work with such a guiding light for the spirit world.


~ Ray Bokor, Spiritualist Medium

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