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Inspiration comes in many forms.... It is not only looking under rocks or at the sky ~ it is looking within oneself and finding the deep desire that lives in our hearts. We could say that our Spirits have always had inspiration from the time of our beginning and that there is no end to it. Some look endlessly for it. Inspiration is intangible like the wind ~ You can feel it brush against you, you can see it move trees or the grass but to grasp it in your hands you can not do this. Take the feeling of desire that comes from within and move it to the front of your brain and that is inspiration! The knowledge that YES anything is attainable. Inspiration is as individual as our fingerprints and is as free as our Spirits... experience and enjoy the freedom that it brings.

Inspiration makes the Spirit sing with gladness and completeness. It knows no boundaries. It is the human form or ego that places the edges on it. Sharp like razors cut inspiration is cut when the Spirit is deprived of its true calling. Give a voice to the Spirit, and desire and inspiration follows.

Guided Meditation Message from Spirit ~ November 2009 ~ jyoung

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