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Betrayal slips around my soul and shoulders

like the fog encompassing me softly and securely

The cool warmth hides the smiles of those

that lay the blanket ever so gently

like a whisper from a fraudulent lover

Missing the intent of the smile

I grasp at the wisps of fog like fringes

On the ends of throws hand-woven with care

Tenderly stroking and stoking the flame

like that of illicit love

Betrayal and fog fuse furiously

Gyrating to incessant drums that

Beat within the inner essence of my being

endlessly tamping and stamping out

The ever faint flickering light of hope….

Mad whispers of marauding memories

Like violins in the wind of trees

Cascade my tears washing, cleansing,

Escalating the sense of violation


Betrayal pulls the hood of shame

over my head to hide my emotions

left bare like new born kittens with no down…

jjy may 2009

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